Join us going to sea to watch the sun go down and night to fall.

After leaving our homeport at 19.00 facing the sun, we will have time to stop at a cove to do some snorkeling, go for a swim and enjoy a snack.
Then the great moment is coming, the sunset. From our yacht you can appreciate the day’s most magical time. Enjoy the sounds, colors and sensations of this delightful moment. Marvel at the stunning lights and great sensations of sailing at dusk and in the dark.

Experiencing the sunset from the yacht will be one of the most memorable things of your summer; you will even remember this experience during the winter.






Drinks and snacks
Full equipment for snorkeling


Our sailing route is never the same, due to weather conditions, but we still have a minimum of guarantees:

The company promises to sail whenever possible (90% of the time) instead of using the engine.
Sailing in the dark after the sunset.
A snack will be served. Drinks are all inclusive.
Snorkeling is included. Full equipment for snorkeling will be available for all clients.

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Final price 60€
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